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The kids just love it! More than a dance school!

Wouldn't go anywhere else and neither would you if you'd have seen their concert!

Such a high standard of dancers!

Rachel Smith

DE Parent


Would not take my daughter anywhere else. The support, the encouragement and the wonderful teachers make it the best part of her day.

Vicki Cafferella

DE Parent

Focused, Willing, Disciplined, High Appropriate Energy and Extremely Talented, Well Mannered and Funny. Words that describe my time with the dancers of Dance Express.

I had a short but extremely satisfying time putting The Addams Family on these great Kids.

Will work with them again, anytime.

The Director of this Dance Studio is also very cool.

I would work with her again in a breath.

Thank you Dance Express.




I am so happy to have chosen DE as our studio and my girls feel so relaxed and at home.  

I love the friendships and support all the girls show each other.

Thanks for just being there and being supportive and filling their hearts with beautiful memories.  

Kylee Fitzpatrick

DE Parent

We have been with Dance Express for over 4 years and they have taken my daughter, Amber, from an extremely shy young girl to a strong courageous young lady.  The teachers have been truly supportive and encouraging for Amber and she has since started doing Solo routines, huge boost of confidence for my girl, all thanks to the Dance Express team.


The whole team at Dance Express are truly supportive and encouraging.  They strive to constantly get the best results from their students and encourage them to continually grow.


We are so grateful & proud to be part of the Dance Express Family. 

Bev Ferris

DE Parent

I have had the pleasure of teaching and choreographing for Dance Express Mackay.

The student’s level of dance both technically and performance, was a clear indication of the excellent teaching staff and what is on offer at the school.

The students worked in collaboration and respect for the process alongside a willingness to give the most of themselves.

This is all a clear reflection of the standards, skills and passion that are imparted to the students.

I have taught at a number of schools nationally and internationally and felt that Dance Express Mackay was one of the most rewarding.

keith hawley


It is that passion, joy, dedication, enthusiasm and hard work that makes such a difference!    

Christine Denny

Industry Professional (Tapatak Oz)

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